Artywood murals are for both Business and Home Interiors.

We work closely with you to make sure the murals painted fit in exactly with your requirements within your businesses or a required theme at home.The designs are painted by hand directly onto your wall using acrylics and decor paints.

Designs can incorporate a 3D aspect within the painting using different materials which are secured with pva glue for easier removal if re-decorating at a later date.


Skateboarder Mural 

         The above picture shows an individually designed and hand painted Mural Skateboarder crashing through the wall from another room. Wooden bricks have been added to the picture to add to the effect and then painted in the same colour as the wall. The double 'O' in 'COOL' has been painted in an effect that appears as a real compact disks, catching the light as you walk around the room. Union Jacks have been added to match the bed spread.


Artywood murals are priced according to size and detail required.

Please view my gallery for further examples.




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