Artywood was originated in 2011 by Dianna Lee from the Derbyshire Dales. 


Dianna graduated as a designer in 1990.

For fifteen years Dianna worked as a designer within the clothing industry, during which time she took a further qualification in interior design.

After giving up her full time work to bring up her two young children, now with twenty years of design experience, Dianna has turned her expertise, flare and knowledge to create individual art within the home.

Initially Dianna came up with the name Artywood after her love for painting onto wood. As the company formed she soon realized that she also had a love for painting murals too. Both areas were well received by the public capturing different markets within the art industry. The slates soon formed afterwards from customer requests for house signs.

Now Dianna has separated these areas into three companies so that the products required by customers are easy to locate.

Her love and passion for art, design and interiors is now captured within these eye catching forms of art. Dianna is never short of ideas and works well with the individual, whatever their age or interests, to bring your home to life. 

We hope you enjoy viewing around our website and would love to hear from you.



Artywood  Artists & Illustrators in Belper