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Blogging is something I've never attempted before so just because it's a new year here goes!.........

This January, although traditionally quite time of year after the festive season, has seen three possible new business openings for Artywood with others looking promising. This is a good time of year to start the foundations for the rest of the year. I will let you know about the main opportunities if they do indeed take off and if they do, I'm very excited as they open so many new doors!

Artywood has firmed a place again this year for Derbyshire Open Arts at Studio 61, Holloway in late May(24th-26th). Other venues are being looked at this month and will let you know these dates and venues in my next blog.

Sales have also been good. 'Herb Meadow' patio slate has sold, and also 'Montana' patio slate. So it looks like people are looking to brighten up their gardens during this soggy winter. Also two lots of placemats and matching coasters have gone... the Dandelion collection and a commissioned white Lilly which looks stunning against the dark grey slate.


   'Herb Meadow' patio slate. SOLD 

   Dandelion placemats and coasters









    Lilly placemats and coasters SOLD










Next time I blog lets hope that the weather is better..... can't get some exercise on my bike and enjoy Derbyshire as I end up drenched to the bone and covered in mud!!  


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